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Years of experience in the world of remote medical care led us to understand that it was necessary to combine technological innovation  to the quality of services.

For this reason, starting from 2002 we started the Net4Care project and started developing services that could allow us to be even more efficient but above all that could offer real added value to their users.   Net4Care's goal was  creating a  international network  that would connect  among them in an increasingly widespread way:  

  • the health facilities of the most popular tourist resorts and major business destinations

  • the most important specialist hospitals worldwide

  • the best specialists in various pathologies

  • the telemedicine centers of assistance companies

After creating a multilingual online folder called Medical  Passport, perfect for those who travel to and for those at home who want to archive their medical history in one easy and accessible place everywhere, Home Care is born, the remote medical assistance and telemonitoring project, which evolved in 2016 in its version for DOC smartphone 24.




Starting from March 2020, to give concrete support in dealing with the Coronavirus health emergency, we have launched new assistance services , which can also be integrated with DOC24, especially dedicated to companies that want to offer a valuable service benefit to their employees or to its customers ,  



DOC 24
The doctor always by your side

DOC 24 is the innovative service that allows you to:

  • make  24 hours on 24  consult by videoconference with the doctors of our Operations Center;

  • to schedule video consultations with specialists

  • to keep track of your vital signs

  • access the netowrk of health and medical facilities and benefit  discounts for visits or exams

All thanks to one simple and intuitive mobile application, available for iOS and Android.


Leave your loved ones  in good hands

Concierge of Life is the new service  of assistance dedicated to the "Care Giver" but above all to the person he takes care of in everyday life.

Concierge of Life's goal is to help and support families in the choices of assistance and care for their elderly, partially self-sufficient or non-self-sufficient loved ones. Services included:

  • Family Coach & Family Learning;

  • House assistance  (Nurses, ASA, OSS, Doctors);

  • DOC 24 for the client

  • Priority access to the netowrk of care facilities for the elderly.

Servizi per le aziende
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