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Aida Care is the new assistance service dedicated to caregivers, but above all, to the person they are taking care of.


The goal is to help self-sufficient seniors live safely in the comfort of their own homes through a range of services and devices integrated with our 24/7 available Central Operations Center, capable of intervening instantly in times of need.


Specialized operators in our Operations Center, supported by a medical staff, will be ready to respond to ensure there are no false alarms, reassure the individual being assisted, and provide immediate support in case of panic or anxiety attacks. In the event of a timely response being required, they will also coordinate emergency services while waiting for the caregiver to arrive.


This translates to much greater peace of mind when you cannot be present.


Family Coach

 1 Personalized guidance counseling  with a specialized multidisciplinary team (nurses, psychologists, social workers) 24 hours a day

Educazione Libri bookshelfs

Family Learning

1 Specialized training to the
Caregiver  for the care of the elderly person

Paziente con Infermiere Sanità

Home Care

Priority access for 1 year and request management  for:

- Auxiliary Health Assistant

- Social Worker

- Professional Nurse

- Physiotherapists / Osteopaths

- Extra-family transport

Cost of the service charged to the customer

Mockup App_2023.png

DOC24 for 1  year for the client, so as not to leave him alone. Through DOC24 you can talk to a doctor at any time and keep your vital parameters monitored.

Network facilities

Priority access for 1 year to the network of Healthcare facilities for the elderly,
with discounts on rates and booking for the first visit

Cost of the service charged to the customer

Home automation

Development of a device for remote control of the client and home automation


or visit our


For more information about our services  or for a quotation for your company  find out how to contact us:

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