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Medical Passport

Medical Passport is the online medical record service that allows you to access all the data on your health anytime and anywhere , with a simple click.

Thanks to a restricted access, in fact, Medical Passport allows you to create your medical file online in a simple and secure way by filling out a guided questionnaire. Allergies, therapies, surgeries, fractures, infectious diseases, all information and diagnostic images can be stored within the Medical Passport to create your complete medical record and thus have in a single archive, always available and immediately available, the own data and medical documents.

With Medical Passport the frantic searches in the various drawers and cabinets of the x-Rays that you need to bring to the specialist are over!


But there is more!  Medical Passport is a  real medical passport: all information entered is encrypted and  automatically translated  in ten different languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Japanese). In this way, wherever you are, you can provide all the data on your health history, without errors, forgetfulness or linguistic inaccuracies.  With Medical Passport, for example, in the event of an illness abroad, the local doctor can access information on the patient's drug allergies in a language known to him, thus being able to determine the best medical treatment.

Furthermore, at any time and in any part of the world, just access the Internet to modify the data and always have a complete and updated medical record available.

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