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International Care Company is a service company that has been supplying assistance to the person, to the home and to the car, Call and Sat Center services and TPA Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through its Operational Center.

Staff working within the Operational center is fluent in several languages and can also provide assistance to foreigners staying in Italy, ensuring a response in less than 7 seconds on avarage, even in the time bands with high call traffic .

Through the Operational Center, we handle over 90,000 cases of assistance every year, to the person and to the car (both in Italy and abroad) and at home. Operators follow targeted training courses to reach the highest levels of quality in delivering telephone services in terms of timeliness and efficiency in giving assistance.


Successful of assistance services is guaranteed by close collaboration with a network of serious and reliable providers selected over the years. The many types of suppliers allow us to meet the needs of assistance and support both in the technical and medical field:

  • artisans for immediate intervention in the event of house failures

  • mechanics and body shops

  • towing services

  • experts and consultants

  • emergency doctors

  • nurses

  • specialist clinics and polyclinics

  • veterinary clinics

  • and much more…

And thanks to the care and importance attached to the relationship with our service partners that we are able to maintain high quality standards of the services provided.

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Car Assistance


We offer assistance in case of vehicle failure or problems in Italy and abroad
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Home Assistance


We can send the customer's home to the most suitable craftsman in the shortest possible time.
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Travel Assistance


Any problem occurs during a trip, we intervene in a timely manner, everywhere.
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Call Center & Sat Center


Inbound & Outbound Calls, Cost control & Cost containment handled by a Call Center h24.
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Medical Assistance


It means: Medical consultations, Drugs Home Delivery , second opinions and much more.
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TPA Management


Opening of claims and practical management round the clock, internal help desk.
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Years of experience

in the assistenza field

Multilingual Operators & Doctors 24/24

Service Providers

in Italy


Cases handled

per year


International worldwide partners


FD Service è membro fondatore e Core Partner di I.A.G. International Assistance Group, network di società di assistenza internazionale, utilizzato per erogare servizi di assistenza medica a chi viaggia per lavoro o per piacere e a coloro che lavorano all'estero. 

International Assistance Group sfrutta le potenzialità offerte dalle nuove tecnologie per collegare una rete di partner di in tutto il mondo, mantenendo costi di struttura bassi e velocità di reazione elevata

Network IAG ENG


FD Service uses International Assistance Group (IAG), a network of international assistance companies of which International Care Company is a founding member and core partner, to provide medical assistance services to business travelers.


International Assistance Group that exploits the potential offered by new technologies to connect a network of over 140 Partners and Accredited Service Providers present in over 120 countries on 6 continents to provide assistance services to people traveling, maintaining low structure costs and high reaction speed.

This philosophy is reflected in everything we do, and is summarised by our motto: “Local Partners. Global Solutions.”



end users covered



calls  handled






cases handled


We have always been committed to providing our customers reliable and quality services. In addition to the ISO 9001: 2008 certification, this commitment is made concrete with the adoption of the Organization, Management and Control Model in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/01, of which an important part is the Ethical Code.

The Ethical Code is the "Charter of Rights and Moral Duties" of all those who, in various ways, participate in the activities of FD Holding Group, which includes FD Service. It defines, infact, the ethical and social responsibilities of executives, employees and associates towards stakeholders (customers, shareholders, suppliers, etc.).

With the adoption of the Code, we strive to create value and satisfaction for these subjects and to maintain trust with all of them, based on principles of fairness, transparency, security and honesty.

Starting from the values ​​in which we identify and inspire our work (innovation, customer service, quality and social responsibility), the Ethical Code provides clear guidance to carry out, concretely, commitments undertaken.

The Ehtical Code is written in Italian

Ethical code


Where we are

Centro Direzionale Colleoni - Cassiopea 2

via Paracelso 24

Agrate Brianza (MB) 20864 

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